Tuesday, October 11, 2005

why do i have people posting links to web domains on my blog, i'm getting crappy mesages, even though i know Mona might be real, here are three postings since last week that will give you a insight on whats going on...starting from the 8th until today, down. (there u go)

October 8th, 2005

big deal, it's my birthday, only problem is, is that i can give two shits that it is, i know i've been using my blog to vent a bit, but so, no one calls me, i need an outlet you know, i've had shitty birthdays since i was 20, that year i went to puerto rico by myself, every birthday after that has been shit, cause i can care less about telling people, when my birthday is, everyone knows i'm a libra but i dont give two shits, but if you want to give me a present, go ahead i enjoy presents and i am very aware of when your birthday is, reciprocation is a beautiful not when it's forced but when it's thoughtful. i think i have to work on my birthday, which is always a beautiful thing, dealing with asshole customers when you should be home, eating cake or having sex, doing something prodcutive, not worrying about how much gross profit you've made a store that will jerk you in the end cause your not the salemen they want you to be. i'm still a musician/poet first, when i suck at both then i'll be a salesmen, death to it all.

one love
talk to anyone soon
New Yorker
air guitarist

October 9th, 2005

my god i dont think i had a worse birthday, seriously, the rain fucked everything up, i got a few phone calls, went to lunch with B, but at the end of the night, my ass is home playing guitar and passing out on the couch at 2 am, woke up and realized, "yeah bitch that was your birthday"

blowing candles out (that aren't really there)

October 10th, 2005

and now the YANKEES lost, what the fuck is going on with the world, can i not have something to hold on to, like baseball. SHIT FUCK DAMN, now i have to watch a yankees-boston less ALCS, who gives a shit, let's go Cardnials, let's go Astros, fuck the AL, next year Yankee Fans, next year, (i hate that term)

man listen this past week has been so fucking depressing on me, that i dont know what to do, i dont know why im posting this, i know i sound like a little bitch, but i really don't know what to do with myself. 3 days in a row i've had friends stand me up, 3 days i've been home doing exactly the same thing, go home, cook, eat, play guitar, pass out, or in bed by 12:30 (!!!), i need new friends, who wants to be my new friends, at least my son is healthy, and please no one post that since he's healthy that's all that matters, im not stupid!!!, i know this already, but i am in need of some help TOO you KNOW!!.

depressed yankee fan

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ten Albums I Will Never Skip Tracks On

Ten Albums I Will Never Skip Tracks On...!!!

1. Radiohead: OK Computer
2. Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon
3. The Mars Volta: Deloused In The Comatorium & At The Drive In: Relationship Of Command
4. Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced?
5. A Tribe Called Quest: Low End Theory
6. The Who: Live At Leeds
7. The Beatles: 1967-1970 (The Blue Album)
8. System Of A Down: Toxicity
9. Nirvana: Nevermind/ In Utero/ Unplugged
10. Radiohead: Kid A/Amnesiac/Hail To The Thief

i really could listen to Radiohead all the way thru from Pablo Honey to Hail to the Theif
if wanted to, but The Mars Volta always pushes themself in.

man i really have a wierd obsession with music,
it really is one of the few things that can take up the whole day
and i will still feel complete.!!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

maybe i'm stupid...maybe i'm evil...i just know these last few weeks have been rough on me...from getting sick every so often due to weather change to a trip to puerto rico that involved me to be the father/son/brother/servant to everyone...i've just been questioning who are my friends...i have always been known to be a floater...a loner...and someone who doesn't caught in a scene longer than they should...i have one friend who's always around even though we can get annoying...and everyone else is probably just busy and i'm making it all up...i dont know...work is cool...not really a problem...got a job:check...got a apt:check...got money in my pocket:check...my son is healthy: check...(me and his mom could be on better terms, but at least we're both alive)check...but am i happy???????????????????????????????

sometimes life is a strange game...when im broke and have no job i always have time to do shit...now i work, go home, practice, wander for a little, i dont know, i'm rambling, my ear is still clogged from puerto rico, and my nose is runny, im a fucking MESS, at least im not broke...right?

Friday, September 09, 2005


you have my number call me
if you don't ask
i may give it to you

the mona passage

Thursday, August 04, 2005


it's been almost a month since my last blog entry. so i've been working at Guitar Center on 14th St.
i was keeping it on a hush hush (for whatever reason i don't know) but you know i have my 40 hour weeks
exhauted when i get out, go home and pass out on the couch, i've taken in one poetry reading in the last month
and it was only for 20 minutes, even band practice is out the window, Vincent, Jason and I all have jobs now so that's great but we all tired to practice... i know i am, i can't believe how fast i can drop off the face of the earth
only people who ever see me is jeffrey and parker at T&W, cause i go check mail on my lunch break and that will change if T&W moves downtown like they supposed too.

i missed the last few Acentos and i feel bad about it, i always close on tuesdays which suck and mondays i close too but at least im on 14th st., the guys i work with are all music/gear nerds like myself, i just hustle alot harder than they do, so with all my hard work i landed myself 4th in the store in sales this month, something i'm kind of proud of, whatever where's my free guitar, but i'll be back on the scene like a ninja with a vengance, even though the last thing i wrote was "Notes On a City..." but hey that poem is 20 pages long or so, so maybe i'm rejuvinating(???)

so anyone who wants to come down and buy some equipment for their guitar...FISH we sell harmonicas too, or if your interested in buying a guitar, come on down, tell me you read my blog i'll cut 10% off

your local guitar salesmen
Bonafide Rojas