Monday, July 07, 2003


truth be told
I am not
the most courageous of voices

I tremble when I speak
and I shake when I breathe
I close my eyes
and hope not to embarrass myself
when it's my turn to say something
I watch everyone when it's their moment
and how they use it
some waste it on something frivolous
others use it to actually let people
hear their voices

I do both

I ramble, I stutter, I vomit,
I freeze, I miss lines, I forget to bow
and I always stumble on the punch line
but I also try to open, inspire, give hope
to crack a smile, a giggle
and I always try to give a hundred percent
but I sometimes fall short at ninety-nine
and leave that remaining one percent for you
so that you can give me something to hold on to,
to show me that I'm not alone
when it's my turn and that you understand
I am not the most courageous of voices
but you loved the fact that
I tried


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