Sunday, February 22, 2004

When The City Sleeps

we run wild until our feet bleed
we bomb your streets
we grow up quickly to survive
we ride trains from the Bronx to Coney Island
we walk until the sun wakes up

we hang on the corners
we run from cops
we take control of  kingdoms
we leave our fingerprints on granite
we find our purpose in the music

we break tradition on corner stones
we yell for the gloaming
we grow in numbers as the hours pass
we spread like wildfire
we plan your downfall

we defend ourselves
we hide in the shadows to save ourselves
we push back our fate
we search for God in the traffic lights
we wander until we find meaning

when the city sleeps

we wax poetic drunk on our own innocence
we lock the rhythm of new york in our bones
we look at ourselves in the hudson river
we smoke life on the Brooklyn Bridge
we jump off the Empire State building

we are artists with brick canvas
we change your views on us when one of you ask us why?
we are with your daughters
we steal our childhood back
we are elegant in our ignorance (some of us)

we are loud, brash and obnoxious just like you
we lay down on Broadway to watch the stars
we rest in 24 hour diners and only order fries
we leave our names behind so you can try to find us
we wear noise pollution like a pair of headphones

we hold up the heavens with our angel headed hipster slang walk
we write quotes for middle america to take back home
we draw new sunsets on the side of buildings to breathe
we cut it open and drink from her veins
we sit on garbage cans and lay on steps

we catch the first train in and the last train out
we rest on park benches and count the stars
we rack our livelihood up our backs and sell it to survive
we are our own gods and hope someone will pray for us
we feel more comfortable waiting until dusk calls us again

we wait for her to rise
we watch her buildings stretch into the sky
we take notes of her beauty and tell the people
we hold her heart in our pockets
we dot her eyes and cross her streets

when the city sleeps...


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