Wednesday, March 03, 2004

back in new york, the weather's great, it's finally not completely frozen, wrote a response to Rich's "A Howl in Winter" called "A Whisper In Winter"
but i do think the scarf i have on most of the time is kind of "out there" but so what, who cares. Saw John Pablo a few days ago, it was great, he's so big, 16 pounds of beautiful baby boy, i taught him how to air guitar and he loved it, smiled and giggled, but being around his mother's family really gets to me, i always feel like i can't be myself. (even though i know i've been a A**hole) doesn't mean i'll always be one, just have one.

there's a great show in Chicago on March 13th at the Chicago Historical Society, 15 of the best poets Chicago has produced in the past 10 years, with the exception of Regie Gibson and Tyhiemba Jess who are out of town.
word i'm hyped and i'm teaching at Oak Park River Forest H.S. when i get back to The Big ILL, the Go, i'm listening to a demo Dennis Kim (Denizen Kane for the people who don't know his real name). word it's sweet, i'm trying to get's this hip hop folk record with him, when we have time, we could finish it in a week, with all the material we have, but heads are busy.

until next time
not a metrosexual (but is very strange)


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