Monday, March 22, 2004

cleaned out 2100 sqaure feet today
and i'm tired, lifting boxes, bags of yesterday
was not as heavy as i anticipated
The computer was heavy though
i really need to learn to drive
there are things that i can't keep
because i can't carry them on the plane
or trust it by putting it underneath
or by carrying it by myself
i carried a box of books to Oak Park today
and i felt my arms giving up on me
every 5 blocks or so but i made it
a rummage sale because i can't keep
the books in chicago, can't carry them
and they cost alot if i try to mail so far i sold
a few books that i could've of kept
but i'll by it again or liberate it again
when i get a chance but i am keeping
"Memory Of Fire" the trilogy by Eduardo Galeano
i'm supposed to give those to
Cedric from The Mars Volta if i ever see him again
i think they're in Chicago in April
but in NYC no time soon
"Poet in New York" by Lorca
is my second favorite poetry book
only to Residence on Earth by Neruda
and Where a Nickel...and No Noose is Good Noose
are definate favorites
The Portable Sixties Reader is a great book
that i've been keeping in possesion
for a long time now
but tonight i am off to Detroit
to get there at 12:00 am
to catch a flight a 6:00 am
out of DTW to LGA
hope everyone is well
see you soon

Bonafide Rojas


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