Friday, March 05, 2004

spent the day with Oscar Bermeo, Michael Cirelli and my friend Dara Rose at a school in Queens. I was upstaged my a mouse in the auditorium during my poem. Oscar fell alseep in the car, i wore my funny hat again and i had too many donuts this morning. i finally printed my poem out today so that will be posted soon. the day looks dreary and drizzle and the fazzzzishle is off the hizzle. (what the hell am i typing about).

tomorrow I will be hosting a preliminary bout for the Urban Word Youth Poetry Slam at Carlito's up in the El Barrio/Upper East Side for the yuppies. That will be great to see the young performers get busy, I've seen so many in Chicago, i don't know many in NYC. so tomorrow will be great. get there by 2:30 106th & Lexington. one love

Bonafide Rojas
climbing up the walls


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