Wednesday, March 10, 2004

today was a little hectic, a lot of phone calls to alot of people. I start teaching two classes when i get back from Chicago, one in The Bronx and one in Queens. And i start teaching one in Oak Park, IL on Monday. I jammed with Vini and Chris tonight being the first session for The Mona Passage, it went real well, i feel real comfortable with both of them for the simple fact that i've known both of them for at least 6 years. Jack Argueos was at Acentos tonight and his feature was 10 minutes (what the hell is that?).

so tomorrow is again my last day in new york for the week and a half. I'm going to see John, perform at New Skool Poetics in Chicago, and teach and hopefully make more money that i thought about. Time to see myself, (a buck 50 folks, a buck 50).

i talked to an old friend of mine: Timmy. Tim was one of the older guys i hung out with when i was around sixteen. He was real good peoples then his kidneys started to fail then he had a transplant then they failed but had another one and i talked to him and it was dope. i miss him he's my boy.

my boy Will is next to me asking "what the hell am i doing?" so i tell him "I'm blogging bitch back off me!" (with authority) then he stole my gummi bears and scooter, bastardsssssssssssssssssssssss.


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