Sunday, March 07, 2004

today we said goodbye to Rev. Pedro Pietri and it was a beautiful event. You know what i hate when someone passes it ends up being a reunion of sorts. There were people there who knew me before i took the name "Bonafide". People who have known me since '94 when i volunteered for the Muevete Conference, it was really good to see all these people in the same room. Willie Perdomo, Sandra Maria Esteves, Reals (TCK), Tato (Yerba Buena), Alano (Ricanstruction), Hector (Welfare Poets) Fidel (Palo Monte), shit the biggest surprise was Rafael Cancel Miranda and Elizam Escobar coming out to read and appreciate Pedro like we all did. There were alot of people there and it was beautiful, i was waiting for Pedro to jump out and go "BoooYahhhhhhhhhhh, i got you silly motherf*ckers" but thats just me. I will definately miss him, i am indeed one of his illegitimate sons.

i've been in EL Barrio the past few days and i've forgotten how i like being around there, i may be around there alot for days to come.

I've been working on my next two books, "When The City Sleeps " and "Breaking Bread" (which i think may be the title, i dont know yet). It's weird "Pelo Bueno" took so long that it feels strange having so much work laying around that didn't make the "Pelo Bueno" cut. Hopefully i can put one of them out in the next two years, maybe sooner.


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