Wednesday, April 28, 2004

week has been short but complicated, trying to find a home for my son and a daycare, shit is expensive in New York, Urban Outfitters didn't hire me which makes me a bit mad, hosted a show on the weekend which had Welfare Poets, Aukebulan and GAME performing, i hate hosting, i never enjoy myself but the bands were dope, can't wait for The Mona Passage to finally be complete, alot of people seem to be supportive enough, i have to see if i have the time and energy for it, decided to focus on "When The City Sleeps" and make it one manuscript and just focus it on New York and keep the other poems for another project.

The Bar 13 Slam Finals are in a few days (more like 2 weeks) and i feel weird and unprepared for it, i haven't been writing, New York has so many things to do that i feel like i'm wasting time if i stay home and type, i need to sit down and be disciplined like i have been for some time now, i need some new poems becasuse i think the old ones are mad at me, i like Luis Cartagena everytime i see him we talk about the short and secretive love affiar of Lorca and Dali, two of my favorite artists of the 20th Century, everytime i see him, so i have to get him Lorca's biography, i've been listening to alot of David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust Live" and i'm really enjoying Talking Heads, check out the new MUSE album, everyone else told you too so will I, and the new ELBOW album "Cast Of Thousands", the television is on in the background, The Timberwolves are up by 6 and thank god the Yankees won tonight, i would've cried.


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