Saturday, May 22, 2004

so this is the first week i can say i am a father.
John Pablo Rojas moved to NYC last saturday and i've been
with him everyday since, the kid is cute as hell and don't
take my word for it, ask my mom.

John makes these weird growling noises which kind of scare me in the middle of the night. He has a widow's peak like i do, has chubby legs like i used to, big cheeks like used to, but you know he's much cuter than i ever will be and much smarter, he speaks Japanese and French already, (it could be gibberish but i'm being optimistic).

I had a show with Oscar and Fish on Wednesday at the Nuyorican, I always love having shows with friends because we act a fool, not like i don't act a fool when i have shows with other people.

I know it's getting hot in New York, don't be surprised if i cut my damn hair off because it is getting HOT in NYC. for real.

Yours Truly


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