Wednesday, June 30, 2004

at Louder than Words yesterday, the main discussion was "What was the biggest change in our time in poetry or with poetry?" One of the things that i can agree with is being cynical with what you hear after a period in time. I came up on the scene, young as hell, just happy to be out, didn't care at all for Slam, didn't get into Slam until 2002 and i was performing in New York since '95-96. So i can understand why Rich, Oscar, Jessica, Fish and everyone i know who are very cynical with Slam is because they spend alot of time in a Slam venue, shit if i started in Slam in '95 by '98 i would of definately been burnt out, but i love that they all want to publish and get out there.

i didn't start thinking about getting published or putting a book together was until late '98-'99 and i was still very far from a respectable writer to MYSELF. let alone to anyone else, by '99 all i had was "The Creed Of a Grafitti Writer" to perform but i had "Invisble Ones", "War Pigs" and "The Epics of Abca" but i never performed them aloud. no pun intended.

But when i started slamming, i enjoyed it very much because i'm competitive and like winning but it is a love/hate relationship with going on stage and selling your poem like a new car or the new hot radio jam. my thing with people who have problems with Slam is stop coming to Slam venues, don't sign up to the Slam list, go hang out at the Nuyorican on the first Wednesday or the Bowery on Saturdays or Bar13 when it's theme night with no Slam. I like to Slam i don't like to Slam...i'm a Libra i can be indecisive...what's your excuse

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Blogger tata said...

i love open mics.. always have. it's the reason why i go to all these events..

that and to represent/plug acentos.

it wasn't until recently that i actually stayed past the feature at 13 to witness the slam 'cause i despised it so much.

however, i will soon see how this maniacal slam glove fits.

why am i doing it if it leaves such a rancid taste in my mouth?

'cause oscar asked me to. to rep acentos well.

so shoot me. so call me a hypocrite. see if i care.

i am not competitive in that i need a score to validate my poem and/or performance. just isn't me.

clairvoyant or not.. im positive i will still feel the same way after regionals.

4:01 AM  
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