Tuesday, June 29, 2004

today is tuesday and the weeks are flying by so fast, i am amazed it's summertime already, in the winter i was dying for it to be summer now summer is running by without saying hello.

John is getting so big, the kid stares at me and opens his mouth and puts out this screech, then stares at me then giggles, and i'm like "what the fuck did he just do?"

Genius, people, i'm tellin you now genius. wait until he actually starts talking..."You know father the main difference between Mozart and Beethoven is..." "What the fuck is he talking about?"

"When The City Sleeps" has been coming along, the new hotness...Aurora and The Gloaming came pretty quick and i have one for the east side, i'm enjoying taking time and trying to figure what am i going to say about NYC this time for the 1 millionth time that i haven't said already.

shameless plug:
on Carmine and Bleeker
there is a little bookstore called
The Unoppressive
Bargain Bookstore

my friends and I have been going there for a few years and they buy or get the on remainder from big conglomerates like Borders and BN., i've gotten a million things from there:

From Kahlo to Camus to Zinn to Reed to Guevara to Neruda to Lorca to Lennon to Lenin to Marcos to Marquez to Dylan to Thomas to MLK to anyone you can think of but they don't always have the same books, so go there now and hopefully you'll get lucky like i sometimes do.

Yours Truly
Bonafide Rojas

dreaming in red.


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