Monday, June 21, 2004

Union Square Saturday Night

the b-boys on the right
the organizers on the left
with lips stuck to megaphones dialect

james brown is telling me
to get loos and funky
all i can do is obey

the megaphone is teling me
to fight injustice
all ican do is obey

tourists flock to see
the diversity of New York City
union square saturday night

guys are beedie eye wolves
looking for sheeps with curves
unshaved and innocent

girls are eagle eyes
looking for worms or
something bigger, something better

freedom of speech
freedom of dance
what's more important

is the revolution only going to be
rallies and dialouge or will there
be actual movement in the movement

is the revolution ever appealing
to anyone under twenty five or
who hasn't read Fanon or Marx

they seek purpose
in the revolution their body makes
head spinning, feeze poses

360 degree understanding
from top rocks throwing
molotov cocktails flairs

they shout that america is evil
and some people agree
all the middle aged white men

all look like Allen Ginsberg
all the children of color
watch the footwork as it repeats

music and dance not marxism and che
not yet hopefully they stare at the
megaphone megalomaniacs spit

the rhetoric that that falls on deaf ears
all they have are the breaks
and the hope that it'll break the cycle

Dawn In New York (title pending)

(dawn in New York)
is one thousand buildings screaming
and streets vomiting human flesh
faster than the subway
can consume them

(dawn in New York)
are dead birds dropping from the sky
suffocating on the pollution
let out by the metal ants that march
bumper to bumper
wings to wings

(dawn in New York)
is catipiller cocoon transit boxes
that shit on every corner
and there is nothing
the bluebirds can do about it

(dawn in New York)
is amazing because
the ball of fire never
burns our face off
and we never go blind
staring at it's beauty
from atop of the crown
of the empire

thank you for reading
Bonafide Rojas


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