Wednesday, July 28, 2004

so after another stint in the hospital
i'm back out
and still teaching the future
to race down hallways
and draw spiderman on the blackboard

i really don't feel like writing these days
(in my blog anyways)

it rains too much
it's really hot sometimes
John is more beautiful than ever
his first tooth is out
now he's trying to bite me
(like i did with my father)

i think i sleep too much
but not enough

i want to finish
"When The City Sleeps"
i'm getting impatient
even though
"Pelo Bueno"
took almost 7 years to complete
i want this one finish this year

shout out tomy mother
who's in Guanica right now
losing her mind with all the festivities
going on right now over there
(i'm still here)

seems like everyone is going to puerto rico
but me, i mean everyone too
but eventually i'll go

saw Willie on Monday at Bar 13
we talked about our sons
saw Guy on Tuesday at Acentos
we talked about our sons

seems like that's all i talk about

John Pablo
The Mars Volta
The New York Yankees
and Poetry

in that order is how all my conversations go
i hope everyone is well
and stop hating

otherwise known as Steven Rojas


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