Tuesday, July 06, 2004

wearing a tie today (again)
still job hunting
in new york it's like a needle
in a haystack
when everyone looks at my resume
which has been teaching the past
few years, they look at me and say
"We'll call you...(don't hold your breath kid)

the worst part is that i can sell anything
ice to eskimos, sand to Egyptians
beans to puertoricans, America to Americans

i talk so fast (as most of you know)
that i am a perfect salesman
soprt of when i'm not completely bored
and that's the problem
but i have to suck it up
i need insurance
i need money
and i need some form of stability
for once in a while

family is getting on my nerves about
money for the apartment
i need to do something
"Dead Presidents" anyone

i'll bring the white paint
and the map

green with envy


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