Monday, September 27, 2004

we are now in the age of Libra
and all the Libras are falling out of the woodwork
i seriously think i know 3 dozen Libras and all of us
have birthdays within 10 days of each other
i've been trying to plan a Libra party
but no luck everybody acts like idiotas!
so i don't know what's going to happen
but happy birthday to:

Ed The Butter Man
Jay the Barber
Carlito Roc TCK
Linda Perez
my boy reggie from grade school oct. 9th
Thom Yorke
John Lennon
Amiri Baraka

those are the closest people i know
if you would like to add your own
go right ahead

love now, blog later
Bonafide Rojas

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

hmm, seems like forever
since i last wrote something
i started a new job
so that means i'm actually up
every morning before 10 a.m.
which makes me feel like
i actually have things to do

i've been practicing alot
feels good, real good
still need a bass player
but things are moving along

poetry has been kind of slow
of late, just need a little while to recharge
before i jump into the swing of things

just been a little tired
John tires me out by sunday night
but i'm always ready for him
when i pick him up on fridays
i hope this weather transition
is better for him than me
i swore it was 100 degrees
last week

hope all is well
Bonafide Rojas

Monday, September 13, 2004

so after reading that post i realized
that i didn't agree with everything on it,
so it's gone
(and a couple of people were making fun of me).

couldn't sleep at all last night
my mom's been sick
been cleaning my house

and it's still not enough
i might have to let my cats go
they're bringing my problems
than i can handle

does anyone want two beautiful cats?
i need someone to take both of them
they're soulmates and can't be seperated
if they do, they'll be depressed
trust me they will be

today is my mother's birthday
maybe i'll make her a mother cd
with pink floyd
the who
the band
john lennon
hmm sounds depressing too

but she's still the young vibrant woman
we all know and love (except me)
she is evil incarnate
she may sound all sweet and young
when you call, but when the phone hangs up
she sounds like Thanos or Mephisto

so originally we were supposed to be in Baltimore
to catch teh Yankees-Orioles game
but that didn't happen
so i dont know what we're doing today
i think my sister is coming up

ok folks
until next time


Friday, September 03, 2004

5 questions:
courtesy of Tony Brown & Rich Villar

1.What is your biggest fear that you still have yet to face?

well I’m already in fatherhood, I think settling down and trying to figure out what is it I’m exactly going to do with career, life and my personal demons. Fears appear everyday I’m still trying to conquer the ones from puberty/adolenscence.

2. What does the face of your mother look like?


3. Describe the happiest moments you have had in your life up until now?

the birth of my son, the book party in new york, a winning lottery ticket (wait that hasn’t happened yet)

4. If you could go back to high school and start over again, knowing everything you know now, would you do it? Keep in mind you would have to live through everything all over again. Why did you answer as you did?

of course I would, I would actually end up graduating, going to a collge I want to, getting skills that I don’t have, develop a career, and probably not be a poet, that’s why I don’t mind the road I have chosen, because I’m happy with the craft/skill I have as a poet

5. Are you a spiritual person? If so, where is the most spiritual place for you? If not, why not?

yes I am, the most spiritual place is with my headphones on, I think music is “my” link with god and a higher being, have you heard “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison, “Chop Suey” by System Of A Down, “Exit Music” by Radiohead, “Sven En Gelar” by Sigur Ros, “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane, listen to those songs/albums and understand that music just isn’t human nature.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

today is september 1st
trying to finish When The City Sleeps
brought Omar Rodriguez Lopez's album "Manual Dexterity" (The Mars Volta)
get it, have i steered you wrong this far,

Explosions in The sky
secret machines
franz fernindad
desaparcios (i think that's how u spell it)

John is a the catcher/first basemen for the yankees
and then they'll move him to right field because of
the cannon he'll have for an arm

work is coming on full gear by the end of the week
prepare myself for the onslaught of paperwork
and meetings that is creative writing instructor

my birthday is approaching soon
and i want to finish my projects
before i hit 27

when i was younger i told a friend of mine
that i was going to die at 27 because of my infatuation
with the icons of the 60's
and as most of you know
Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin dead at 27
Basquiat, Cobain dead at 27
Tupac and Biggie even younger 26, 25
so i have outlived them too

but i want to be a nice old man
with a loud laugh and tons of books
of poems people will never read
live in Madrid or in a South Bronx brownstone
and live to see if i actually am a poet or not
i'm too young to see anything but my hands
and my son's poopie diapers
but it's all celebration at the end of the day

and this year coming will hopefully
be more rewarding than the last
don't know how in one year
i had a son born and a book published
next year what ????

a million dollars (sweet!!!)

the hairy laughter