Tuesday, September 21, 2004

hmm, seems like forever
since i last wrote something
i started a new job
so that means i'm actually up
every morning before 10 a.m.
which makes me feel like
i actually have things to do

i've been practicing alot
feels good, real good
still need a bass player
but things are moving along

poetry has been kind of slow
of late, just need a little while to recharge
before i jump into the swing of things

just been a little tired
John tires me out by sunday night
but i'm always ready for him
when i pick him up on fridays
i hope this weather transition
is better for him than me
i swore it was 100 degrees
last week

hope all is well
Bonafide Rojas


Blogger iamadreamer2 said...

how old is your son?

11:16 PM  
Blogger iamadreamer2 said...

email me if you get a chance

1:18 AM  

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