Monday, September 13, 2004

so after reading that post i realized
that i didn't agree with everything on it,
so it's gone
(and a couple of people were making fun of me).

couldn't sleep at all last night
my mom's been sick
been cleaning my house

and it's still not enough
i might have to let my cats go
they're bringing my problems
than i can handle

does anyone want two beautiful cats?
i need someone to take both of them
they're soulmates and can't be seperated
if they do, they'll be depressed
trust me they will be

today is my mother's birthday
maybe i'll make her a mother cd
with pink floyd
the who
the band
john lennon
hmm sounds depressing too

but she's still the young vibrant woman
we all know and love (except me)
she is evil incarnate
she may sound all sweet and young
when you call, but when the phone hangs up
she sounds like Thanos or Mephisto

so originally we were supposed to be in Baltimore
to catch teh Yankees-Orioles game
but that didn't happen
so i dont know what we're doing today
i think my sister is coming up

ok folks
until next time



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