Wednesday, September 01, 2004

today is september 1st
trying to finish When The City Sleeps
brought Omar Rodriguez Lopez's album "Manual Dexterity" (The Mars Volta)
get it, have i steered you wrong this far,

Explosions in The sky
secret machines
franz fernindad
desaparcios (i think that's how u spell it)

John is a the catcher/first basemen for the yankees
and then they'll move him to right field because of
the cannon he'll have for an arm

work is coming on full gear by the end of the week
prepare myself for the onslaught of paperwork
and meetings that is creative writing instructor

my birthday is approaching soon
and i want to finish my projects
before i hit 27

when i was younger i told a friend of mine
that i was going to die at 27 because of my infatuation
with the icons of the 60's
and as most of you know
Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin dead at 27
Basquiat, Cobain dead at 27
Tupac and Biggie even younger 26, 25
so i have outlived them too

but i want to be a nice old man
with a loud laugh and tons of books
of poems people will never read
live in Madrid or in a South Bronx brownstone
and live to see if i actually am a poet or not
i'm too young to see anything but my hands
and my son's poopie diapers
but it's all celebration at the end of the day

and this year coming will hopefully
be more rewarding than the last
don't know how in one year
i had a son born and a book published
next year what ????

a million dollars (sweet!!!)

the hairy laughter


Blogger Curtis Bryan said...

I would prefer not to disturb you
and let you do the work that you do
but I want to congratulate you
on the work that you've done (the book, your son)

hope next year is better,
brings opportunities anew
this is my sincerest wish
from my heart to you.

PopnFresh7001 (AIM)

4:50 PM  

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