Wednesday, October 13, 2004

so i've had conversations with people about how personal a blog should be
and when you read RAC's blog (see link to your left under I'll KICK YOUR ASS RACHEL)
and she leaves it all out there and i'm always very imrpessed by that

shit how do you think we know what was going on with her
but i always feel like if i do that it'll come back to haunt me
most people i know and who are close to me know

the personal beef my son's mother and I have
John Pablo is a beautiful wonderful person/creation/event
but his mother and I still have such a road that makes me scared to walk down

and sometimes i just don't give a fuck, for the simple point that
i am scared of losing John, and i know i shouldn't be writing this
but i don't give a fuck, i'm tired of walking on glass when it comes to

the issue of what i can say and cannot say on my blog
if you don't want to read THEN DON'T, if you want a nice blog
to read then make your own.

Bonafide Rojas
Responsible Father
(maybe not on your standards but SO WHAT)

fela kuti and king crimson is playing
and my head hurts


Blogger C1d ViCious said...

All the empathy in the world to you. Thanks for the inspiration, and keep keepin it real.


10:13 PM  
Blogger Eliel Lucero said...

I admire your courage. You don't lack the courage of your conviction. You and your little rock star, wont be seperated. Rock on Bone.

9:36 AM  

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