Thursday, October 07, 2004

so the yankees won laast night
that's all that matters
for the last 15 years i've watched
a playoff game on my birthday
i can clearly remember
the Reds kicking The A's ass
the Giants-A's earthquake
Kirk Gibson home run (maybe that's just the highlight films)
so i get a Yankee game on my birthday
that's nice (as long as we win!!!!!)

so everyone keeps asking what am i doing for my birthday!
and i tell them i'm taking care of my son
(yeah B, bit what are you doing for your birthday)
(yeah, i'm taking care of my son)

so tomorrow is the day
Big Deal, i'm another day older
like i was last week
if you want drop a line
say hello
buy me a guitar
you know small stuff

Your birthday boy


Blogger ant said...

what's good fams....happy bday bro. you are definitely one of the most positive people i have met....keep up the amazin work....pelo bueno is a classic and i hope story avenue is half as nice....peace bro...ant

12:53 PM  

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