Tuesday, October 05, 2004

today is the fifth of October
and in three days i celebrate
the day of my birth
and i don't know how i feel about it

when i was 17/18
i thought i was going to die at 27
because of my obsession with dead icons
Hendrix/Cobain/Morrison/Joplin/Brian Jones/Robert Johnson
and icons who never died too young
Jef Buckley/Tupac Shakur/Biggie/Cliff Burton/Ian Curtis/
Keith Moon & John Bonham both at 32 both on overdoses

so here i am at 27
feels weird 9 years ago
i told a friend that
"yeah i'm not making it past that"
but i want to be a nice old man now
you know see John Pablo be a grown up
and make me proud,

how about 72 years old
still includes the numbers 2 & 7
still writing poetry
still playing guitar
still hairy

past year has been a whirlwind
i hope this year is a breeze
(i know it's not though)
(i'm still getting old you know)

Bonafide Rojas


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