Tuesday, November 23, 2004

i carry more thing in my bag
than anyone i know
and now i'm carrying that
cool debate/doctors bag (whatever it is)
which means i can carry more things
which means i will blow my arm out
by friday which means "sorry john daddy's arm is broken"
you'll have to start walking real well right now

im in a real pissed off mood
but i felt i should write something
light-hearted for the people
who think everythign is okay

nothing to fear
nothing to doubt



Blogger the beginners said...

bag man--
i been trying to post a comment
on this damn thang for like 30 min.
my fathers make shift computer keeps crashing...
so sorry if u have like 72 postings from me

saw u today in some murals
of jimi, chuck berry, james brown and them
in the strings of a banjo
and even in the skin of a djembe
all displayed in an exhibit i saw today
"rock my soul"
at the musuem of african american history in detroit
travel is good...
anyway just letting u know, yo!

feel good

7:26 PM  
Blogger Dew Just Write said...

I guess I would be considered a backpack kid. Everywhere I go I must have it with my journal, notebooks, pens and pencils, cd player, dictionary, the new testament, my moleskines and other crap I lose until I find. But it's all necessary because inspiration is anything and everywhere.

1:27 PM  

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