Wednesday, November 17, 2004

in a few hours
it will officially be John's birthday
at 9 pm last year today
it's been one year from that day (obviously)

i'm still trying to figure out
how a year has gone by so fast
he was born 6 lbs-14 oz
and the dirty mac is almost 20+ lbs

he's a crawling machine
thinking the pillows i set up
are mountains for him to climb
he has alot of energy

so today is his first birthday
i remember mine like it was yesterday
kings, queens, princes, princesses
all attended...oh wait that was the gay ball

so in this coming year
he'll start walking, talking and drooling
even more than now
i can't wait, he'll build better attention span

and really start to flourish
into the genius that we know he is
so i brought him a bunch of gifts
it's weird though the whole time

i'm thinking "He'll love this, He'll hate that"
but what if what i think he hates he loves
and vice versa, no matter in a month's time
he'll start playing with mud


in the past week
i finally solidified the line up for
The Mona Passage

i'm really excited Raze (Guitars, Backing Vocals),
Pete (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Jason (Drums)
but Kwame (Keys, Piano, PErcussion) is still MIA
hopefully he's crawl from under his rock

i think he's a great piano/keyboard player
and will really add a different dimension
to the music that i've been looking for

but i am excited and will keep you posted
Bonafide Rojas (Guitars, Bass, Vocals)


Blogger sonja said...

were you right about the gifts?

10:23 PM  

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