Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My love for hip hop has faded the last few years ever since the demise of Biggie, Tupac, Wu-Tang and A Tribe Called Quest. Eminem, OutKast and The Roots keep me peeking around the corner. Yesterday I was burning music into my attunes and I found old Nas albums and old Wu-Tang/Raekwon specifically and I realized why I loved it so much, Raekwon's album has jewels upon jewels in it and since my Raekwon album has been scratched since the old millennium, it was a breath of fresh air, sounds new, fresh and make you wonder what the hell happened to the Rza's production. A Tribe Called Quest will always be my favorite, hands down but Midnight Marauders is definitely a longer lasting album than The Low End Theory, The Low End Theory sounds like the early 90's and has that jazz obsessed feel that only a few bands have anymore, (Typical Cats, Busdriver, etc..) But Midnight Marauders sounds timeless like it can come out tomorrow and be fresh enough to handle everything.

I've been listening to a lot of old hip hop lately, Eric B and Rakim (due to Nas's song "U.B.R." check it out) Big Daddy Kane, EPMD and Public Enemy and I'm still trying to figure out how kids don't know who they are, "THEY'RE SO DOPE", Lil Jon and that southern Crunk Crack is killing me and every new gangsta on wax that comes out every week. Give me Jada, Em, Nas, Common, Old Ice Cube (Amerikkka's Most Wanted), Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Cream get the money dollar dollar bill yall.

everyone else gets the Bozack.

hip hop connoisseur

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

last night
i saw Cousin play at Mercury Lounge
they we're cool
i have to tell Raze to take off those glasses though
he looks like a dork

but i lost one of my journals
on the bus WHICH SUCKED
so now im trying to figure
out what was actually in it

John Pablo is getting back home today
he was on tour lecturing about
"The Use of Calculus in the Age of Algebra"
i think he made alot money

these days are moving a tad slow
damn cold weather, always does that
summertime comes a rolling

wintertime is a uncle that never wants to leave
i'm catching myself
staring at nothoing
and it hurts my eyes

people don't ever call me
i feel like i lost alot of my friends
ever since i became a father

do people not like my son
That's what i say
if they don't like me and my son
he's beautiful dammit

i don't understand it
i have friends
but not the people i grew up with
ayyyy, whatever

my son is smarter than yours

How does it feel?


Thursday, December 16, 2004

i feel like in 57 instead of 27
i'm drinking Jack Daniels and writing
waiting for everything to fall into place
television is buzzing in the background
and the street sounds like 'Nam

finished three new poems this week
work is getting hectic
kids love coming to my class with attitude
and they leave with one
cause i hate kids wth attitude

another sip
another poem


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

it feels like forever
since the last time i blogged
im a slacker
so what

i've been real tired lately
like going home and taking naps and shit
the year is almost over

how do i feel about that...
it's hilarious
that this autumn has flew so fast

and i realized this today

Alex Rodriguez was a Mariner
they never made it to the World Series
even with a young Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson
he gets traded Seattle wins 116 wins
but lose to the Yankees anyway

then signs with Texas Rangers (contract yadda yadda yadda)
and they never get out of last place


he signs with THE NEW YORK YANKEES
they make the playoffs he's does wonderful
they lose to the Red Sox and The Boston Red Sox
who's cursed....