Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My love for hip hop has faded the last few years ever since the demise of Biggie, Tupac, Wu-Tang and A Tribe Called Quest. Eminem, OutKast and The Roots keep me peeking around the corner. Yesterday I was burning music into my attunes and I found old Nas albums and old Wu-Tang/Raekwon specifically and I realized why I loved it so much, Raekwon's album has jewels upon jewels in it and since my Raekwon album has been scratched since the old millennium, it was a breath of fresh air, sounds new, fresh and make you wonder what the hell happened to the Rza's production. A Tribe Called Quest will always be my favorite, hands down but Midnight Marauders is definitely a longer lasting album than The Low End Theory, The Low End Theory sounds like the early 90's and has that jazz obsessed feel that only a few bands have anymore, (Typical Cats, Busdriver, etc..) But Midnight Marauders sounds timeless like it can come out tomorrow and be fresh enough to handle everything.

I've been listening to a lot of old hip hop lately, Eric B and Rakim (due to Nas's song "U.B.R." check it out) Big Daddy Kane, EPMD and Public Enemy and I'm still trying to figure out how kids don't know who they are, "THEY'RE SO DOPE", Lil Jon and that southern Crunk Crack is killing me and every new gangsta on wax that comes out every week. Give me Jada, Em, Nas, Common, Old Ice Cube (Amerikkka's Most Wanted), Cash Rules Everything Around Me, Cream get the money dollar dollar bill yall.

everyone else gets the Bozack.

hip hop connoisseur


Blogger sonja said...

so never touch tap tangle or tamper
a fearless fly foe'll get slapped with a pamper
cause I can dig in your face like root canal
but I'ma chill, won't even dispute you now

man, i love big daddy kane...

3:56 PM  
Blogger Eliel Lucero said...

check out the new Mos Def

9:26 AM  
Blogger epitomi said...

whoa... i found you through nycbloggers and you happen to live on the same line that i do... anyway, i couldn't agree with you more.. i'm an avid fan of ATCQ and was highly disappointed that they didn't have the reunion album that was highly anticipated ready before the year went out.

Midnight Marauders constantly and consistantly will have my head nodding... Just think back to the time where there were tens of 'ATCQ'...De La Soul...(even though they are still lingering)Fu-Schnickens, Lords of the Underground, Jungle Brothers etc., ATCQ is that sole group that gets the ENCORE.. hell yes, we want more! Sadly i think a lot of ppl have given up on hip-hop... it isn't progressive as a lot of hip-hop artist believe... no wonder everyone is downloading for free... BX, baby!! :)

5:42 PM  
Blogger Dew Just Write said...

I'll try not to be offended since I'm from the South. Lil Jon has his place but Crunk is just party music. I can't understand Wu Tang and other than Meth I have never been interested in any of the individual members. Now Mos Def has always been the hotness. pre-posthumous Pac(Makaveli was cool) and Biggie, Jay-z and Em, and Outkast Outkast Outkast!! Southernplayalistic can play anyday anytime and still be classic. Of course thats just my opinion.


2:07 PM  
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