Tuesday, January 04, 2005

in the golden age
i feel rusted

these paper tigers
are hunting me

lonesome tear
are flowing

it's all in my mind
what going on

but at the end of the day
it's just nonsense

cause it's lost cause
already dead and breathing

four days in
and the sun stop shining

the world is changing
without me

everyone is moving fast
slow down

these rabbit in the headlights
are freezing

no surprises here and now
and this moonlight is blurry

the rain is dancing
my feet are swimming

walking through glass
doors on ceilings

harajuku bitches are
exploding on the dancefloor

this motion picture soundtrack
is skipping on the last word

scatterbrain suicide
never forget to dot the eyes

diamonds on the windshield
rubies in the rough

calloused hands of babies
hold on to hope

keep the wolf from the door
burn all your marxism

pose in the gloass museum
the television is causing friction

this sideshow/red flashing lights
are blinding the skies

i'm the man who loves you
i'm the man trying to break your heart

with time like these
who needs to focus

the world is beautiful blurry
rub the edges off

make it classic
memories are so wonderful

running on half empty
i'm not as fast as i used to be

nobody know's you when your down and out
i don't believe you (she act's like we never met)

spread these ribcages apart
and let the sun inside

i rode into brooklyn
and it was half past three

what are we if not servants of many
and masters of few?

another pearl has been
thrown up on the concrete

all the bells were ringing
cover your mouth

kill me with their paper cuts
and margainal lines

and let me bleed
all over the place

use my red as your red
and we'll be red together



Blogger iamadreamer2 said...

The dark essence of water behaving as a mirror reflecting more truth than any of us are willing to admit.
Admirable is his personal fortitude and strength of character in a time of desparate struggle.
Her frustration and anxiety: unsettled.
She is the essence of fire behaving as a rainbow--the natural embodiment of passion and sensuality...in pursuit of a blossoming emotion ignited by a single desire.

In this tumultuous time
hearts are always broken.

3:09 PM  

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