Monday, January 10, 2005

monday morning breath
is a lingering cold stew

the streets are empty
on Atlantic Ave.

Brooklyn's heart is beating
and i can see it

flatbush is burning
and the BAM is staring at me

the Williamsburg bridge is opening
up and being swallowed

on the corner of 4th and Union
i can see the devil running naked

from Prospect Park holding
a broken halo

gabriel's trumpet is broken
and everything is silent

i can hear the glass, concrete and stone
crying above the trees

don't know when a day is going to come
but i'm still optimistic

the paupers of yesteryear
dry their tears with sandpaper

the jesters of sorrow
wallow in the worry of tomorrow

burn the papers of our existence
and let's reinvent ourselves

let's make our face charcoal
and smear the pastels over our eyes

these bodies of ours will break
the burden of today

feel the day
as it weighs on our spines

we are standing on the shoulders of giants
and i can see the Bronx

Coney Island is burning
the ferris wheel is floating on the Atlantic Ocean

bright lights big city
annex themself from the crowd

arrest the city
hang them by their ankles

cut their throats
stick their heads on poles on Eastern Parkway

let the museum be a tomb
for the wicked

the skyline across the water
is still beautiful though

damn them for their skyscapers
and glittering eyes

feel the day
on these streets

it weighs a ton.



Blogger sonja said...

what matters most is
how well
you walk through
the fire

8:33 AM  

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