Thursday, January 06, 2005

this ballad of everything
is one that is neither ugly or beautiful
it is becoming like a bendable back snapping

the amnesias is blue in the face
the look on the city
is blank and not welcoming the sudden comeback

is a continuing storya concrete song
the dark days are longer
i woke up again tried to livethe world was hiding

the internal rhythm
is different today
downward vomiting

the fall
the fear
the fight

these fragile bones
are like dust piles of frail whispers
the genesis is complicated

the ghost of the girl
i knew is softly opening my mouth in the cold
the golden age is here

the great below is above me
the grunt is sleeping
the happiest days of my lives are hiding

it's time for healing
destroy the icons
this last day of laughter

the remaining light in my apartment
stretches long and wide
across the water stained walls

the cars are playing love songs
the hobo is the conductor
swatting butterflies

the making of my face are in the clouds
who sold the world?
who would be king?

the project of a heart
remains unfinished
and barely pumping blood

this world is a long night
that will go on for years
the ocean is dancing

these reflections of god
are refugees
along the river

the shape of my smile
is uneven and misshaped
the shining flowers

the palm must open
for a falling sky
the fingerprints are overlapping

the song remains the same
the stranger is a tourist
the strong and the tame

the ugly man's suite
is a walking xperiment
carry the weight across the city

the wind cries virgin marys
the world is for you and the wretched
enjoy the sunset


Blogger sonja said...

you're gonna make me lonesome when you go
(so i) went to see the gypsy
never gonna be the same again

the triumph of our tired eyes
grief is not quantifiable
her despair reeks of alcohol

(you are a) shadow on the sun
(and) i am the highway
spread your love

something so wild
under the surface
sundazed to the core

satisfy my soul
(with) tones of home
(and your) new york serenade

8:22 AM  
Blogger Planet Janet said...

happy new year bonafide. 2005 is a good one.

11:07 AM  

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