Tuesday, February 08, 2005

stressful morning
really shouldn't have woken up
last night my head
was pounding
i know i should've been drunk

fell asleep on my couch
woke up at 3 am
realized the phone hadn't rang
walked to my room
removed my cats
and went back to bed again

woke up this morning
to a familiar number
he talked to me about his morning
and i understood
the hour was getting late
i had to get ready to break

john's mom called, my sister called
too many conversations
before 10 oclock
i was rather quiet
but at least my head wasn't pounding

one day
i'll get my life right
but now i'm trying not
to lose it, sitting on my couch
in a dark room
at 3 oclock in the morning

(no assumptions and judgements allowed)