Tuesday, March 29, 2005

feels like forever
since i posted a blog

John is a full fledged walker
and holds on to the floor just in case

The Mona Passage had their show
it was good, even though the sound man

messed my vocals up
but i feel good about the show nonetheless

so now where do i go
more shows
more son development
more work issues

why are things good on one section
BUT REAL WACK on the other

i hate being a libra (no i dont)
but you know what i mean

the Dey is over
back in the sunshine

while i sit in the rain
and ride long trains

from east to west
throw my arms up from unrest

blah blah blah
my head hurts

fucking shit


Monday, March 14, 2005

there is no god

i've been planning my trip to California
for a little while in my head
i've cleared everything up
and then the bad news hits
MAY 5 & 6

there is no god

i will be on stage when there on stage
irony is an asshole
they even have DJ Nobody opening
i mat Nobody with Beans
a few months back when
we were at APT.
when Deloused came out
a puertorican/filipino
we agreed on starting a band called

there is no god

i've been making
the center for puerto rican studies
interested in what Omar
has been doing
and they are trying to invite
him down for a tour
(i won't be there)

there is no god

can you hear the violins?
the breaking of hope
the anguish of life
the horror of irony

there is no god

but at least the Mars Volta
are indeed the best band on the planet
feels good when your the first one who knows
about a band that all your friends like
because you played them for them

there is still no god


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

i was speeding down central park west
with a bag full of magazines and a blackbook
central park still looks bleek
from the storm that just ran through New York

i'm sliding on ice
exploding in the sky
the trees are leaning forward
and grabbing the buses tail

the snake is following me
upstream to broadway
the sky is purple
manhattan is coughing up blood

you can hear the trumpets
and drum rumbling from my feet
trying to stop the noise
unbalaned equilibrium

i fall on my face
break a tooth
jacket, shirts all dirty
starts raining, not my day

getting paranoid
animals are on 57th st.
the Waldorf is on fire
talk talk, buy buy, breathe breathe

broken land scape goats
hummer ground fish boats
jumping jack bean stalks
stop go red green yield walk

puppet box car racers
ring circus freak master
mayoral lunatics moon babies
pre packaged freedom sale

my head hurts life is too loud
i missed the bus/train/plane/automobile
my pants are wet at the bottom
my sneakers are just socks with rubber on them

no one's optimistic
vultures circling the dead
knock knock problem is home
I tried the best I can/the best i can is good enough (is it?)

now i'm lost
who do I trust?
twenty five wive in the lake tonight
carpel jets hit the ground

do I still recall his name?
I should of seen the curse that flew right by me
you take the veil, you take the dive
who brought me here

all i remember is you
deprived and depressed
the last i remember is you
who brought me here


Sunday, March 06, 2005

been rehearsing constantly for the past week
recording with Vincent the basic guitar/drum demo tracks

got through 5ive songs this week
and i'm not sure if some of you know

but on March 22, 2005
at the Blue Ox Bar


will be playing the 2nd Anniversary for
The Acentos poetry series

this is our first gig with this current line up
so hopefully everyone can come out and support

i will post this again

one love

Thursday, March 03, 2005

francis is mute,
have you heard yet?