Monday, March 14, 2005

there is no god

i've been planning my trip to California
for a little while in my head
i've cleared everything up
and then the bad news hits
MAY 5 & 6

there is no god

i will be on stage when there on stage
irony is an asshole
they even have DJ Nobody opening
i mat Nobody with Beans
a few months back when
we were at APT.
when Deloused came out
a puertorican/filipino
we agreed on starting a band called

there is no god

i've been making
the center for puerto rican studies
interested in what Omar
has been doing
and they are trying to invite
him down for a tour
(i won't be there)

there is no god

can you hear the violins?
the breaking of hope
the anguish of life
the horror of irony

there is no god

but at least the Mars Volta
are indeed the best band on the planet
feels good when your the first one who knows
about a band that all your friends like
because you played them for them

there is still no god



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would you like come cheese with your wine?

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