Wednesday, April 27, 2005

i must say
the hills in San Francisco
are ridiculous

it looks like
a concrete rollercoaster
hills and hills

i swore i was
walking up a mountain
the other

just had houses on it
of course going down
is no problem at all

i stood on top of Fillmore St.
and looked down
on top of Union and Leavenworth

and looked down
The Bronx has alot of hills
but not steep drops like SF

the crack heads may fall down
the hills and try to sue the city
Tremont, 176th, from Jerome to University

but the ones out here
are continuous
one hill after another

ok new topic
everyone must read Jeff Chang's
"Can't Stop Won't Stop"

best book on the hip hop generation
point blank
and you know hip hop and me dont get along anymore

i've been reading it everyday for
the last four days
can't put it down

trust me read it
love it live it
memorize it

one love
The Mona Passage


Blogger oscar said...

ever walk kingsbridge road

from the major deegan to univeristy avenue

feels like everest

be easy

4:53 PM  

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