Wednesday, April 20, 2005

landed in Califas
it's been a long 2 weeks
i'll recap you from the beginning of
The Bonafide/John Pablo World Tour

John is getting bigger and bigger
he got his first haircut
was a brat during dinner time
knows what to do with a guitar pick (STRUM)
i miss him alot as i right this

i was in another semi-final slam
but this year i tanked
read poems that i would never read in slam
fuck that, i knew i was done after
the first round
congratulations to Carlos, Roger and RAC
they killed it

i read Holler! (an edited version)
and it felt great reading it at least parts
got a 7 point time penalty (Holler!, no pun intended)
sometimes if the fire isn't there
there's no need to keep trying to stay warm

in Califas right now
it's 9 pm, NYC is 12 am
the house zone change is always weird to me
cause my body is about to shut down
until next time


Blogger Lovely_Rita said...

Welcome to Califas...when does the readings begin?

lovely rita

2:43 AM  

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