Saturday, April 23, 2005

the thing i love the most about being in California
is how i wake up earlier than i normally would
so i'm up at 7 am, bright and early
cause in NYC it s actually 10am
shit this is great

i feel like im getting a jump on the world
and i will always hyave more timen to do
things in SF than i would in NYC
i get 3 more hours, i know i dojn't
but dont spoil my dream
i'm an early bird in Califas

but sometimes that just means
im up doing shit until everyone wakes up
reality always ruins perfection
(who will agree with me)


these voices
are not new
they've been
in my head
for centuries

talking me
to sleep
bury the ash
under the soil
barely soft
from concrete lovers

the throw of the dice
will always come out odd
1. 3. 5. 7.9.11.

my favorites numbers are
always odd and perfect
and they shine lke
crazy diamonds



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