Monday, May 09, 2005

and so the sun has set on California
and now it's time to go home
this trip was as good as the last one i took
i think i met alot of more interesting people
maybe didn't have better shows
but took better risks

hung out with some real cool heads
did a radio interview
co hosted one and interviewed Luis J. Rodriguez
saw Rodrigo (RodStarz on Myspace)
met Rod in Havana '97, who's from Chicago
but didn't see him until last summer in Brooklyn
even though i lived in Chicago 3 years and
is close friends with his cousin Andres

Much respect to
Marina Garcia, Dennis Kim, Paul Flores, Wonway, Tina Wong, Caleb Zigas,
Prolertariat Bronze, Suicide Kings, Charles Ellick, Adi Throggs Neck Torres,

but alas Califas
it is time to go home to the Boogie Down Bronx
The Apt #4D
the lunatic mother and father are picking me up from JFK
The World Famous John Pablo
is so missed that only i know how much
i couldn't even talk about him cause i get all moody
that's why i don't call...(don't like missing him)

i heard the weather in NYC
has been unseasonable cold
hopefully it warms up when im there
going to other cities
is always a nice feeling
makes you feel alive (as long as the city is alive)

oh and the news of the moment
System Of A Down and The Mars Volta
on tour this summer
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!
can it get any better
(well Radiohead, Mars Volta but thats another dream)

ok folks
i hope to see everyone soon
the Bonafide/John Pablo tour of the city
will commence again this week
look out for us

one love
Bonafide Rojas
The Mona Passage


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