Monday, June 06, 2005

this day has been quiet and sulk
i've said maybe 150 words all day
the rain is killin me
we cancelled practice
no bass player yet
so i'm still playing the bass parts
and the guitar parts
i'm still broke
i'm about to start pawning guitars
people are wierd
i feel rather wierd though
i think it's a radiohead night
sleep will be interesting
my body tends to resist sleep
then collapses on a chair until 4.a.m
then i move to the couch and collapse again

songlist for the night:
(nice dream)
subterreanean homesick alien
karma police (1 million times)
the tourist
everything in it's right place
how to disappear completely
in limbo
morning bell
pyramid song
like spinning plates
sail to the moon
i will
a wolf at the door
this mess we're in

repeat 3 times (and sulk some more)

(there you have one of my secrets)


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