Friday, September 09, 2005


you have my number call me
if you don't ask
i may give it to you

the mona passage


Blogger Raina said...

We have lost now
What was never ours - it
came from trees and sky to reside a short while
on our palms when we pressed them together or -
to mingle with sweat on the surface of my breasts when we made love or -
to dull the the tips of your hipbones so that when you tilted your glass body and
they jabbed me
I felt it only softly -
Not something lost that we misplaced but
it left us (we could not confine it -
newer hearts lured it) It rose - an albatross-
Now and again I stoop
to collect feathers that the wind has loosened
from its wings.
You have built a house and are having yourself as a guest:
"Please come in," you say to you, "I'll try to make me feel at home."

6:51 PM  
Blogger Joy Leftow said...

We each seek in the other a reflection of ourselves, to be seen through their eyes. Perhaps to reconfirm to our selves who we are, or how we want to be seen. Perhaps only to assuage our lonliness in knowledge of who the other is or who we see them to be in relation to ourselves. The other may be seen only as an extension of ourselves, or as undiscovered pieces of a puzzle or as a lost part of ourselves.

12:47 PM  

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